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The Supermodifieds are my favorite division of racing. When 23 or more of these lightning-fast "Winged Warriors" take the green for a feature event, the fans are committed to the edge of their seats until the checkers fly.

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A Supermodified is a purebred racing machine. It has a hand-built tubular steel frame,specially designed for strength,lightness,and location of suspension.

The 700+ horsepower engine hangs off the left side of the frame, providing superior handling through the corners.

The wings, and the aerodynamic body are built from aluminum. Most of the wings are mounted to air shocks at the rear. This allows the wing to lay horizontal under acceleration, decreasing drag, and increasing speed.

 Under braking the wing returns to it's preset position, creating downforce on the rear wheels for better traction through the corners.

The Supers typically reach speeds on a  quarter-mile oval in excess of 100 mph in the straights. In fact, the top drivers are turning laps in the lower 11 second range.

The amazing speed, torque, and handling, of these winged sprint cars allows for three and four wide racing.

Drivers dart in and out of traffic, pass in the corners, or wherever there's an opening. They are truly flirting with disaster every inch of the way to the checkers.  

The supers have no transmissions. Instead they have what is called an in and out box which is used to lock the rear wheels into drive, or neutral. The driveshaft is bolted directly to the main crankshaft. These cars need to be push started.

 Sometimes when a driver spins, you will see him nail the gas to keep the car running, at the same time attempting to point the car in the correct position, and continue the race avoiding going down a lap . 

This is an exciting maneuver to witness as it creates an amazing smoke show